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Hello Nashikkar, Do you care for your Heart Health? Will you diagnose your heart from a non-cardio specialist? For sure no right… The heart is the most complex organ after the Brain. It is important for your body to get blood circulated, Heart circulates blood to your body and brain to smoothen the functionalities of your body.

What does a cardiologist do: Cardiology is a specialized study for heart where a cardiologist performs a practice to treat your heart disease. Cardiologists are doctors specialized in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases that mainly affect the heart and blood vessels.

Examine: The cardiologist examines your body to find the exact solution for you. Most of the time the patient gets referred to him by another doctor after confirmation that a patient has a cardiovascular condition or who would like advice on how to best treat the patient.

Tests: Sometimes cardiologists may ask you to perform some diagnosis test over you to have an exact treatment over the problem.  Tests can be Blood Test, Echocardiogram- a test that creates a picture of your heart and records some functioning of your heart, A Stress test to examine how the heart performs in certain conditions,  X-rays, etc. This helps cardiologists to understand your Heart Disease in a proper way and also helps in making a treatment plan.

Treatment: After examine and performing some tests, the Cardiologist gets a clear idea about the problem to choose the best treatment plan. The treatment gets started if he finds that the Disease can be best treated by the medication but sometimes he may need to refer the patient to a cardiovascular surgeon for an operation.

Why Heart Dieses needs to be diagnosed by Cardiology Specialist:

A good doctor knows how to treat but only the heart specialist knows when to treat and when not. What do you mean by a specialist? Of course, the one who studies, experience, practice, suggest,  implement, treat and served patients with best treatment solutions.

Example: You must all know  Mr. Sachin Tendulkar right…He is called as a god of cricket, if you ask him anything about cricket, He will surely give you an answer with the best solution. But what if you ask him to perform archery or ask about surely he will share some words but will not be the best solution right…

You get specialized treatment to cure by the best treatment practice.

Knowledge: only a heart specialist can tell you what makes you cure fast of the disease. He may suggest some daily life routines it can be part of exercises and food regulations.

Technologies: get treatments with the latest and modern technologies. Many cardiologists have a setup at their equipped room to perform tests like electrocardiograms, ultrasounds, stress tests and more to deliver the best treatment.

The network of Specialists: most of the cardiologists have a network of surgeons and experienced specialists which add a benefit to treat with best practices.

You must have convinced now, how important it is to get treated for your Heart Health from the Cardiology Specialist.

Vijan Multispecialty Hospital knows for the Best Cardiology Specialist in Nashik. Dr. Vinod Vijan the cardiology specialist having a great 35 years of experience add them to be the best cardiology specialist in Nashik.

Let us meet and understand more about Vijan Hospital Nashik Cardiology Specialist

Dr. Vinod Vijan

Cardiology Specialist, 35 years of Excellence in Cardiac Care.


MD., DM., FCSI, FICC, FICP, FIAE, FICMU, FISE, FESC Senior most reputed Interventional cardiologist in North Maharashtra. Owner and Director of Vijan Hospital and Research Centre.

Recipient of IMA & prestigious Dhanwantari Award Recognition as Icons of Echocardiography in India Award. Life Member and Fellow of most Cardiology, Physicians & Critical care societies.

On National Advisory boards of many. Pioneered and Introduced the state-of-art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in his center ?? comparable to the best in the country and beyond Established Vijan Hospital?? Dr. Navin C.Nanda Institute of Excellence in CardioVascular Ultra Sound. Credited for many publications in Indian and International Journals and speakers in numerous National and International meetings.

Meet our award-winning Doctor Best Cardiology Specialist in Nashik


MD., DM. (Cardiology) Recipient of Gold Medal from President of India in 2013. 

He was an assistant professor of Cardiology at prestigious AIMS, Kochi TCT advisory member for the last 4 years. More than 15 national and international publications Contribution in Textbooks (Authorship).Many presentations at National and International conferences Delivered lectures in Echo club at national and international level Director of Cath Lab at Vijan Hospital and Research center. Extensive experience in clinical and interventional procedures in Pediatric and Adult heart diseases.

A Message from the Best Cardiology/Heart specialist Nashik: We are here to serve you with the best of our expertise and the latest technology equipped department to serve the Nashikkar best treatment practices to keep your Heart Healthier… 

Feel free to connect with Vijan Hospital Nashik… Contact.

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