Vision, mission & VALUES.

our vision

To take Health care to next level and setting benchmarks for future by providing State of Art latest affordable therapies,with tender loving Care.

our mission

To ensure and safeguard patient’s Health and Wellness, Safety, Privacy, Dignity. Enriching lives and communities through Quality Health care and best Ethical practices. Usher-infuture of Health care through constant Innovation.Providing comprehensive range of Medical services with exceptional devotion and compassion.


VHRC (Vijan Hospital & ResearchCentre, Commenced in 2014) is not just a continuation of VCCH (Vijan Cardiac,Critical-Care Centre & Hospital founded in 1987) repainted or rebooted, but imploded and reconstructed with the Spirit to serve remaining unchanged. To serve our Patients and Community is a Privilege and Obligation. Vijan Hospital would be the Health Provider of choice for patients and doctors delivering health care services we demand for our own family. Recognised for exceptional continuous Quality improvement, unparalleled service and patient satisfaction. A great place to work and practise with constant endeavour for betterment of ourservices.