Vijan’s UniQ Healthcare Foundation (v-Care)



What is Vijan’s UniQ Healthcare Foundation (formerly v-Care).

VUHF is a non-profit initiative by Vijan Hospital, Nashik, that dedicates itself in the cause of imparting Basic Training to the Public and on how to save the life of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim. Here time is of paramount importance as Emergency Medical Services may take time to arrive.

Heart disease is the leading cause of Death Worldwide, and we Indians are the worst affected. South Asians constitute 60% of the World’s Coronary Artery disease Burden. Statistics show that almost 15-20% of the population (Young and Old, often apparently Healthy) drop dead suddenly at home or at public places (without any knowledge or indication of any diseases of the heart). Most of them are Young /Middle-aged and are apparently healthy.

They die of what is medically known as a SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST (SCA)/ SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death). Such SCA victims can be saved by bystanders by providing immediate Cardiac Resuscitation and Shocking the Heart to a normal rhythm until Medical help arrives and the patient is taken to the hospital. Even in Advanced countries like the USA 1.6-2.5 Lakhs Sudden Cardiac deaths occur out of Hospital /year. The survival is only 6.45%. 

The good news is that Non- Medical, General people on the street CAN SAVE LIVES if they are imparted Basic training and educated by Simple Demonstration by experts. Vijan Hospital (VHRC)’s VUHF under the guidance and in Association with Mumbai’s already established Revive Heart Foundation(iCARE) aims at creating such awareness and imparting free training to members of the public (bystanders) on how to perform CCR (Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation) and how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that delivers life-saving, appropriately measured shocks to the arrested heart, thereby reviving it. We would invite Groups such as Police Personnel, Fire-Brigade, Colleges, Schools, organizations such as Rotary/ Lions and other NGOs, Banks, Professional Groups, Public Transport ( Auto-rickshaws, Taxis, buses) and so on.

VHRC’s Charitable Trust also envisions providing AEDs by installing a sizeable number of them in and around Nashik City at Generally known Public and Prominent places, so they can be used by trained community members to attend to Cardiac Arrest Victims and rewarding them with a GIFT OF LIFE.

Our Vision would be the first city in India/ South Asia to cover Nashik with appropriately distributed AED’s and a Maximally trained General Public. 

CPR Demonstration for Save Life to Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victim
CPR Demonstration to Lay Public during Sula -Fest 2019.( VHRC was Official health Partner during Sula Fest).
MY FM Radio 104.2 Interview on World Heart Day & National Cardiac Arrest Prevention Week.

Civil Surgeon Nashik, Appreciates Vijan Hospital‘s RBSK contribution. Under its VUHF activity, FREE 4D Color Doppler Echocardiography is performed on children with Suspected Heart Disease. These are mostly Poor and Tribal Children from Peth, Surgana, Igatpuri, and other places in Nashik District. 

At conclusion of FREE Pediatric Cardiology camp with 4D-ColorDoppler & Evaluation was held at VIJAN HOSPITAL under National Health Mission’s Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram on 12th Oct 2021. Twenty two children mostly Tribal children from Surgana, DIndori & Nashik were evaluated by Vijan-Fortis ( Mulund) Cardiologists . Many serious Cardiac Anomalies were diagnosed who would be taken for Surgeries/ Interventions.
Such Free Camps are being regularly conducted at Vijan Hospital & Research Centre, Nashik under VUHF.

manikin group photo

At the culmination of the highly successful first Digital live Workshop on CPR which was relayed on FaceBook Live, Zoom on 2nd October. Appreciation from all over the Country and Overseas. Being uploaded on YouTube .The Workshop was conducted from Vijan Hospital Nashik as a v-CARE Activity. It is in 4 parts, 1. Welcome & Introduction 2. Theory 3. Practical demonstration on a very Advanced Manikin. 4 Questions and Answers 5. Conclusion & Vote of Thanks.

NATIONAL SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST PREVENTION AWARENESS WEEK 25th Sept -2nd Oct 21. First National live Workshop from VIJAN HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE under the auspices of vCARE Nashik, a Not for Profit Charitable activity.

Post Highly Successful first Live Workshop posted above, we were flooded with requests to conduct Physical Workshops for Select Groups. We obliged by conducting workshops for 1.Sula Vineyards, Staff, & employees in 2 groups on 12th & 13th October & Yoga Vidya Gurukul on 12th October.

Live Workshop on CPR at Sula Vineyards

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Week 24 Sept-2 Oct 2022


Vijan’s UniQ Healthcare Foundation, a Not for Profit, Charity Section 8 Co of VIJAN HOSPITAL, Nashik & UniQare Hospital, Pune has been conducting Free Hands-On and Via Digital Media training for Civilians on Life-Saving Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The Annual Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Week 24th Sept – 2nd Oct 2022 is being conducted all over India. The Theme of 2022 is ” Make INDIA Heart Strong”.

CPR workshop at CP Office Nashik 27/9/22

Very Useful Lecture followed by Hands-on Workshop. Commissioner Police NASHIK & DCP themselves performed “CPR”.  Most of  ~250 Police Personnel were Trained. We had 5 CPR Demo Kits and 2 AEDs. Dr. Vikrant Vijan Supervised.