World’s First Installation Of Next Genearation Cath Lab – State of art multipurpose Cath. Lab (Artis-1 Siemens Germany) for unparalleled clarity and low dose.

Siemens the Leading International Giant in providing Latest Health Care technology, is Proud to be associated with VIJAN HOSPITAL, Nashik INDIA in installing the “ First in World” Artis One next Generation Cardiac Cath Lab.

The Unique features are:-

Multipurpose Large Detector Imaging for Cardiac, Vascular, Neurology, Pediatric applications.

Superior Clarity and Imaging than never before. Larger Crisp live images by 90%. “CLEAR STENT” (click to see Video). Can visualise Stent Struts with Precise Clarity, See Unexpanded Stent Segments, Stent Fracture,Precise Placement before deployment. These have made Angioplasties safer, Preventing Complications.

 “CLEAR STENT LIVE ”( Click) .A revolutionary feature also Nicknamed “DSA of Heart /Coronaries,hitherto not possible. This Stabilizes the Stent against Background moving heart like Octopus in Beating Heart Surgery. Indisposable in Bifurcation Stenting, Overlapping stenting, with least metal overlap.

HEART SWEEP Single Automated movement giving all necessary 3D angulations to get most optimal Critical blockage.( Not available in Current labs) besides saving Critical time, Radiation, and Contrast Drugs.

Very low dose radiation. The procedure can be even completed and recorded on Fluro than Cine with high clarity, making it Safe for Patients and Staff.

Integrated FFR, the latest technology in deciding which blockage should be treated or left alone. Additional Technologies such as Echocardiography, Intra Vascular Ultrasound, Rotablator can be displayed on main screen. Option for Integrated  3D reconstruction .

Head to Toe coverage in a single pass without moving patient. Newest technology saves 20% on energy and space.

New  Table designed for , Anaesthesia, Echo( Head Free), TAVI , Pacemakers, Radial and Peripheral interventions.

ARTIS ONE at Vijan Hospital, Nashik INDIA is a Siemens monitoring site for Asia Pacific being World’s First Installation of Next Generation Cath Lab.

First Installation of Next Generation Cath Lab.       ARTIS ONE at Vijan Hospital

Interventional Radiology

Peripherals Neuro-Interventions

PFT/ Sleep Lab

Leading Centre for Non-coronary Interventions with the only Large-size Detector in North Maharashtra.