Latest Advances in 3D-Echocardiography. TrueVue & TrueVue Glass.

Presenting a Interesting Case referred for second opinion. Was diagnosed as Rheumatic Mitral Valve Incompetence on 2D-Echo outside. Patient was on Penicillin Prophylaxis for years and advised Mitral Valve Replacement with a Metallic Valve. 

3D-Echocardiography ( 3D-Live / 4D Echo) incorporating the latest TrueVue & TrueVue Glass in Version 7.0 of EPIC CVx showed Incomplete Fusion of Anterior Mitral Valve Scallops with 2 Clefts and Moderately severe Mitral Incompetence (Congenital). The Diagnosis was revised as Non Rheumatic, Penicillin was Stopped and Patient was put on Medical Therapy with Planned Mitral Valve Repair in Future. Newer Technologies help us immensely in More Accurate realistic structural information. These should be used regularly.

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