Best ophthalmology Specialist in Vijan Hospital Nashik

Do you now that 80% of our memories are determined by what we see. The eye is the most sensitive organ of the human body. The eye is the most sensitive part of our body but what do you do to keep your eye happy. Vijan Hospital having great expertise in this organ. In fact, for diagnosing eye disease they are known as the Best ophthalmology Specialist in Nashik.

Here Vijan Hospital Eye Specialist has some expert advice to keep your most important organ healthy.

Eating Habit:

Fish- Do you eat fish? Those who eat oily fish will found their eys brighter and a glow. Eating oily fish will offer you omega-3 fish oil. 

Nuts: Eating nuts will also give you healthy eyes, Nuts like- Cashew and Peanuts. It contains a high level of Vitamin E.

Fruits: Citrus fruits like Lemon, Oranges and Grape Fruits will benefit you with rich Vitamin C.

Green Vegetables: Green veggies like Spinach, kale have a great source of eye-healthy Vitamin C.

Carrots: Vitam A plays a very important role when it comes to vision health. Carrot contains a protein which offers you a component of a protein called rhodopsin that is beneficial for you in helping retina to absorb light.

Egg: Having eggs will lower your risk of losing age-wise visionary loss. Eggs are a good source of Vitamin E and C.

Water- Drinking enough water every day is important, It will help you to avoid dehydration in your body. Because dehydration can result in you in dry eyes which is not a good thing.

Safety Eye-Wears:

While Bike Riding: Those who ride a bike should use eye-protective goggles and helmet. This will help your eys to stay away from getting infected by various viruses in the air and dust particle which results in infection and irritation.  

While Working on Computer and Mobile: Working too long on Computer and Mobile screen can harm your eyes in many ways. Dry Eyes, Headache, Trouble in focusing on distance, Blurr Vision, etc.

To avoid it make sure you wear protective glasses, avoid bad light of windows on the screen, a seat on a comfortable chair, etc.

Smoking: If you smoke quite it as it will harm your vision.

Regular Check-Up: Have a regular checkup as the lifestyle is getting busier day by day. Stress on eyes can be a bad impact in the long run, It is mandatory to have a checkup along with your kids due to digitalization kids are more engaged to watch and get entertained by watching videos on YouTube and cartoons on TV.

By following the above-mentioned activities will surely result in you lowering the risk of visionary loss and keep your eyes healthy.

We Vijan Hospital Nashik have the latest modern technologies which get updated under the guidance of Dr. Srishti Vijan- Best Eye Specialist in Nashik. 

Meet the Best Eye Specialist of Nashik:


MS (Ophthalmology), DNB (Ophthal) Meritorious Career. MBBS from Govt Medical College Miraj. MS (Ophthalmology) from Prestigious AIMS- Kochi. I had tremendous clinical & surgical experience. Fellowship SICS Nashik. 

Certification course in Phacoemulsification hands-on training at Eye-Care Institute Delhi NCR. Advanced equipment’s and Ultra-modern OT at Vijan Hospital which was inaugurated by Shri Suresh Prabhu, Union Railways Minister of India. 

Center is open to all Ophthalmologists who aspire for excellence and shared practice. Specialized in Best of Ophthalmology Practices, especially painless sutureless cataract. Instrumental in getting NABH Certification for VIJAN HOSPITAL.

If you feel any discomfort in vision it is very important to see the eye specialist, Vision checkups should be done at Vijan Hospital Nashik.

If you still have any doubt or do you feel any itching in eyes, headache and disturbance in vision feel free to connect (URL Of Form or Contact Details) with Nashik’s Best Opthomologist Dr. Srishti Vijan.

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