Valentine Precautions from Cardiology View Point


Come Valentine it’s a week now almost Universal a Festive Week not only amongst Teenagers, but even any Relations between two individuals be it Mother & Son or Daughter, Teacher and Student and so on.

It’s a Diwali for Florists, Valentine Cards, Gifts & Presents Industry. Media especially in the West have even highlighted couples even Proposing after exchanging roses. However, Great Undue expectations can lead to Rejection and Severe Depression amongst few if not reciprocated.

We do come across cases at Vijan Hospital Nashik which we had never seen before. Sharing some Literature and type of cases that could present


STRESS CARDIOMYOPATHY, a Heart attack (as fatal as those with regular Heart Attack where the Coronary arteries get occluded). Here the Coronary Arteries are open, but the Intense Stimulus from the Brain causes the coronaries to go in Spasm. The treatment is Different and failure to recognize may lead to the wrong administration of drugs with potentially serious side effects. These are of 2 types:

BROKEN HEART SYNDROME also called Tokotsubo Syndrome ( Heart appears as an Octopus head, as seen on Echocardiography) and is usually caused by Acute Grief, Failure, Negative stimulus, Rejection.

HAPPY HEART SYNDROME, Here a Heart attack is caused by extreme Joy. One study has shown that one is 27% more likely to Suffer from a Heart Attack on his Birthday than any other day. The Echocardiography pattern is slightly different than in Broken Heart. The incidence is more in females and carries an In-Hospital Death rate of 4%, similar to a Standard Heart Attack. A quick Coronary Angiography is the Gold Standard to diagnosis. So our Ancient Wisdom of Moderation as told by Lord Budha & Lord Mahavir is more relevant today and we must counsel our youth at the same time never take symptoms lightly if they present with unexplained Dyspnea, Chest Pain which persists even in Adolescents. COVID Pandemic has also seen many cases of Heart Attacks caused by Inflammatory responses in individuals with Normal Coronaries. We have resumed our Website after a long period of latency. You could post your queries and we would be happy to Address them. Dr.Vinod M.Vijan DM, MD. Senior Cardiologist.

Vijan Hospital & Research Centre, Dr Vijan Hospital Marg,

College Road( Which becomes Valentine Road during Valentine Week and Police Has to be deployed to keep a watch), Nashik. 422005. Have a Safe Happy Valentine with your Loved ones.🌹

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