Walk Your Way To Better Heart Health-Exercises by VIJAN Hospital Nashik

When it comes to health and exercises what first comes to your mind? For sure GYM right…Exercises for Better Heart Health… There are many who join the GYM but never go regularly. Not a problem it’s common with almost everyone. We Vijan Hospital take exercising seriously, we take initiative in the fitness and exercise events along with the team practically. Here we have proof from Nashik Marathon where Vijan’s team got felicitated by the commissioner of police Shri. Ravindra Singhal and you can see Dr. Vinod Vijan accepting the same.

Walk for your heart NASHIK MARATHON

Yesterday I went to the Golf Club Ground Nashik, what I see a huge rush over the ground and most importantly every age grouped person was there on the ground some were walking, some were running and some were exercising over the green gym. This really made me say people are getting serious and aware of their health. A thought came to my mind to write over How walking can help you lower your risk for heart diseases. Every physical activity can only be effective for you if you follow the following 3 aspects:

Three Major Key Considerations:

Intensity– a hunger and a huge desire can help you to achieve your fitness goal. Duration– walking duration should be at least 30 minutes a day. Lower than that will not be impactful because walking is less intensive than running, you have to walk for a longer period. The Consistency- you walk today and skip tomorrow will never work, it is mandatory to at least walk 5 days a week.

Exercises for Better Heart..Benefits of walking: Walking improves cardiac risk factors such as:

  • · Help you lower the bad cholesterol level.

  • Walking will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

  • Reduce the risk of a heart attack.

  • Improve your Mood.

  • Reduce mental stress.

  • Blood Pressure.

  • Diabetes.

  • Vascular stiffness and inflammation.

  • How you can walk without giving excuses like-

  • I am a working professional, I do not have the time, etc.

  • Ready-Get Set-Go

    The Walking is the easiest body task and does not even need any special formalities like having running shoes, Track pants, etc. All you need to have is a stronger intensity.


Solution for Working People-Walking Exercises for Better Heart of Job People:

It is easy to walk and talk…Schedule a walk around your office after every hour set a timer. Do you go to the job on your own vehicle? If yes then park it for some distance and have a walk till your office from it. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Partner some co-workers to have a walk after lunch. Wake up early and have a walk.

Is Walking one of The Key to Reduce Heart Risk:

The Walking is a great habit to introduce more physical activity into your life and keep your heart healthy. Human body muscle needs exercise to get stronger, walking is an exercise that helps your heart to increase your blood circulation properly. It also helps the heart in many ways like reducing stress, helps to maintain weight, decreasing bad cholesterol, etc. Now if you really cares for your heart health never let the excuse stop you from walking. Important Links: Cardiac Health Package Designed by the Expert Cardiologist. Top Health Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy If you have any question feel free to connect with Vijan Hospital Nashik, The best Cardiology specialist in Nashik with 35 years of experience in the field of heart health.

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