Diagnostic Aids

Color Doppler Echocardiography :  ACUSON XP 300

Color Doppler Echocardiography : ACUSON XP 300

    • Premium Edition from Siemens, Usa.
    • Four Probes. Adult and Pediatric Cardiology, Convex, Linear Probes
    • Adult and Pediatric Color Doppler, Tissue Doppler, Auto LV Quantification, Dobutamine and Treadmill Stress Echo, Velocity Vector Imaging, Strain, Strain Rate imaging.
    • Abdominal and Pelvis Echo Doppler done by qualified Sinologists.
    • Vascular ( Arterial and Venous ) Doppler.
    • Arterial Health Package and Carotid Doppler
    • BMD

Computerised Stress Test ( CST ).

    • From GE Marquette USA.
    • Case Series Institutional Model.
    • Horus- 4 hMaximal and Sub Maximal Stress Testing.
    • T- Wave Alternans, a risk marker for SCD,
    • ST/HR Slope to improve predictive value.
Computerised Stress Test ( CST ).

Enhanced External Cardiac Counter Pulsation ( EECP ).

Enhanced External Cardiac Counter Pulsation ( EECP ).

    • US FDA approved Non Invasive, Outpatient therapy as a Alternate to Bypass surgery, Angioplasty.It is also used as a Compliment, addition to Optimal Medical therapy besides CABG, and PTCA.

Pathology and Biochemistry Lab.

    • Under Supervision of MD Pathologist and Trained Biochemists. Routine and 24 Hours Emergency Services.
    • CPC Biochemistry US FDA approved Biochemistry Analyzer, from US.
    • Cell counter 3 part from Monday.
    • ALERE Blood Gas and Biomarker Analyzers. Roche S. Electrolyte Analyzer.
Pathology and Biochemistry Lab.